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Rating: M coarse language and violence |
Coming SoonOne Way or Another

One Way or Another

Synopsis: Five hostages face a predicament as uncertain as the challenging situations they each face in their lives
: (in alphabetical order) Sari Batiste, Barry 'Bazza' Betts, Jodie Bushby, Melissa Donnelly, Eddie Ellis, Justin Evers, Ian Hodson, Tom Hynes, Daniel Kropp, Mark McCarthy, Michael Morgan, 'Dreadful' Ned, Wayne Neuendorf, Rebecca Plint, Alli Pope, Emily Potts, Peter Reynolds, Morgen Sellen, Lara-Tatiana, Yvie Somerville, Glenn Taylor, Nils Terton, Jaimie-lee Whelan, Dave Woithe, John Woodlock Music: Bach, Bassmeant Studio, Boccherini, Trevor Bishop, Mike Espin, Formationsband, Abee, Toxic Jungle and more
Pics: Steven Innis Photography
Poster Art:
Fan Design Studio
Best Poster Design : Queensland Regional Multi-Media Awards, Cairns, 2013

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